How much does it cost?

The price for this service is $500 per month (non-refundable) for 12 months – OR - you may also choose to pay an upfront annual (non-refundable) amount of $5000. 

 For a trial plan, you will be billed $1 for the term of the trial, then $500 per month (non-refundable) for 12 months.

Your term will begin on the date you return this signed agreement and your payment information to Veriphy, or if you were already a Veriphy customer, on your next billing date thereafter.  

Additional seat licenses may be purchased for $2,500 per year or $250 per month.  

Additional packages of 10 Scorecards and 2 PlanView Reports may be purchased for $100/mo for 12 months or - you may also choose to pay an upfront annual (non-refundable) amount of $1000.

What is a Scorecard Report?

The Veriphy Scorecard™  Reports are informational reports designed to provide insights on the value added to a DC plan and measurement of the plan’s outcomes over five and seven-year periods, other performance outcomes and the key differentiating attributes of a DC plan.

The report is available through both the Advisor and PlanView subscriptions.

For Advisors, the 7 page report are uploaded to their My Veriphy account as a downloadable PDF, and are accessible  for download as long as the subscription is current. A sample scorecard is available for download here

Can you explain the calculations you use?

The bottom right area shows the Plan’s historical asset-weighted, annualized rate of return over the time period of the report as well as the annualized risk over the same time period.  Risk is measured as the standard deviation of monthly returns over the time period of the report. 

The historical cumulative percentage value added is the difference of the plan’s return over the time period less the benchmark return over the same period.  

The historical cumulative dollar value added is the asset-weighted growth of the plan over the time period less the asset weighted growth of the benchmark over the time period.