What is the Veriphy and CEFEX connection?

Are You An Analyst conducting CEFEX

certification assessments of US-based advisors?

January 5, 2020

Dear CEFEX Analysts,

After 3 months of piloting the Veriphy Analytics report, we have made it generally available to Analysts conducting CEFEX certification assessments of US-based advisors.

Our pilot showed that the report was helpful in the assessment process as it provided additional evidence of adherence to best fiduciary practices.

Question B19c) in our Electronic Assessment Form and the Client Sampling Vault (CSV) now capture results, when applicable. Attached is a Guide, which is available as a link in the CSV and a sample report, which can also be found in Analyst Documents. I’ve attached a short piece which may help describe the tool to your clients.

You may use this report to decrease your file sampling in Advisor assessments. I look forward to hearing about your experiences with Veriphy.

Best regards,

Carlos Panksep

Managing Director, CEFEX